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Responsive design, improved language capabilities, and richer media help a non-profit research engine spread critical information to policymakers around the world

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Over the years, The Washington Institute’s website had become an increasingly important hub for people to get timely access to the Washington Institute’s in-depth analysis.

They came to us with goals to:

  • Develop a fresh look for the Institute
  • Make content easier to find across the site, and easier to connect together under major themes
  • Streamline management of over 9,000 pages of content in both English and Arabic
  • Enable richer media formats like video and interactive maps
  • Seamlessly support mobile devices

We conducted research with journalists, scholars and policymakers to better understand their goals and information needs. Based on these insights, we built up two detailed CMS prototypes that would meet their needs.

Using the one they chose (Expression Engine), we crafted a site that enables them to respond rapidly when there’s a new development. We used a modular approach to all of the landing pages so they can adapt layouts in response to the news of the day.

The site supports a publishing workflow to translate all pages from English to Arabic and other languages, so users can easily switch between languages on any page.

We’re still working closely with The Washington Institute as needs arise for further site improvements. We’re proud of the great relationship we’ve built and that we’re able to help in the important work they do for the nation.

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