Samantha Shaibani

User Experience Architect
@NewCity since 2019

Samantha’s journey into UX actually started with a B.S. in Interior Design & Architecture. From a young age, she had a knack for rearranging her bedroom and changing the color scheme (that her current self now cringes at).

Ultimately, a natural eye for visual design combined with a knack for creative problem solving led Samantha to a career in UX.

While taking a 10-week User Experience Bootcamp, she discovered that she understood spatial relationships on a digital screen in much the same way she used it for interiors. The fun part was learning about all the problem solving that comes before the visual design. Armed with her new knowledge, design experience, and innate talent, Samantha set out to blaze a path in UX, empowered to solve problems — not only for technology — but for everyday life.

Her personal philosophy is that technology should provide ways to enhance our humanity, not replace it. That’s why she works in UX — to make products that provide humans with a better way of living.

Of course, even UX superheroes need a break from making better experiences for humankind. On the weekends you can find Samantha at home playing with her Bengal cat Benny Roo, actively working to keep her 28 house plants alive, practicing yoga inversions, and soaking in the beautiful mountainscape outside her window.

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