Aaron Hausman

Content Strategist

@NewCity since 2019

Aaron is a writer at heart, bringing a unique perspective to projects at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. His circuitous career path through the digital world has taken him from content management to information architecture, user experience to project management, before ultimately finding his niche in content strategy. He has a simple philosophy: use plain language, always be user-focused, and cater to short attention spans (like his own).

He’s worked for all kinds of clients and organizations: higher education, non-profit, finance, legal, advertising, marketing, branding, start-up, government, small business, Fortune 500 — you name it.

Aaron has settled in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, after stints in northern California, Colorado, and New York City. When not at work, he enjoys hiking, skiing, road tripping, reading, and discovering new podcasts.

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